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Systems change for people experiencing multiple disadvantage

on 2 March 2022

What have we learned about the system and how it can change?

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Tackling loneliness through trusted relationships

on 28 October 2021 , 3 minute read

Loneliness can have a profoundly detrimental effect on people. As the lead evaluation and learning partner for the Building Connections Fund, NPC has been exploring how, during the pandemic, trusted relationships and community infrastructure helped support people experiencing loneliness.

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Evaluating the Building Connections Fund

on 12 August 2021

Our guidance for grant-holders of the Building Connections Fund, which can be applied to other projects tackling loneliness. It is designed to complement the What Works Centre for Wellbeing’s guidance A Brief Guide to measuring loneliness.

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Uncovering key factors that can help break the cycle of reoffending

By and Abigail Rose
on 25 June 2021 , 4 minute read

We are creating a systems map that will help funders better target their resources in the criminal justice system. It will show how factors that drive the cycle of reoffending exist within an interconnected system.

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How charities have reacted to Covid-19

on 27 November 2020

This report uses interviews, focus groups and an online survey of the sector to paint a detailed picture of how Covid-19 is changing charities and what this means for the future. We set out practical recommendations for charities, funders and policymakers.

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Thoughts on how the sector can rethink and rebuild

By and Angela Kail
on 28 October 2020 , 4 minute read

For our 'Rethink, Rebuild' initiative, we are researching how to support the charity sector’s adaptation and increase its resilience. In this blog, we share thoughts from charity leaders on how the sector needs to change.

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How has place-based coordination changed?

By and Abigail Rose
on 22 October 2020 , 4 minute read

We’re tracking three areas to understand how places are adapting to meet evolving needs in their communities. NPC has published an interim paper for this 'Coordination in place' project. This blog sets out some findings from our research so far.

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Coordination in place: Interim report

on 22 October 2020

This is an interim report for our 'Coordination in place' project. We’re tracking three areas, to understand how these places are adapting to meet evolving needs in their communities.

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Charity boards in recovery

on 13 October 2020

We have partnered with decision-science consultancy Leapwise to explore how decision making by charity boards has changed during the crisis, and to provide support on how to strengthen this for the next chapter.


Trauma-informed approaches

on 1 October 2020

This short guide is written for charity leaders to help you to understand what trauma-informed approaches are, and how to introduce them into your service.

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YIF4: Emerging findings from the Youth Investment Fund Learning Project

on 28 September 2020

Early findings about the quality and impact of open access youth provision, with insights into the development of feasible and meaningful evaluation approaches for this field.

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Creating safe online spaces for young people

By Kelly Bradshaw-Walsh
on 15 June 2020 , 6 minute read

In this guest blog, Kelly Bradshaw-Walsh from the Centre for Youth Impact explores how social distancing has led to a new focus on safe online spaces.