Achieving more together: Foundations and new philanthropists

Warren Buffet made headlines when he made his high-profile donation to the Gates Foundation. Yet, despite partnering with an existing foundation being a good way for donors to leverage their donations and skills, it is an option that is often overlooked.

Achieving More Together looks at the potential for collaboration between individual philanthropists and foundations and the opportunities and challenges that this presents. The research draws on conversations with a number of foundations and other organisations about their experience of working with new philanthropists, and interviews with NPC advisors about clients they have worked with.

The report looks at the interest among philanthropists for collaborating with foundations, and how this compares to other options available to them. Based on our research, it examines different models for how foundations and new philanthropists can work together and the implications and risks. It also discusses the barriers to further collaboration and proposes how these might be overcome.

If you would like to discuss the research or talk about collaborations between individual philanthropists and foundations, contact NPC.

This research was funded by the City Parochial Foundation.

 Many philanthropists find it rewarding to fund with another organisation and to know that their funding is being used as part of a wider strategy. But as an option for giving, it’s often overlooked.

Padraic Brick, report author