Back to basics: A seminar for charity trustees

NPC’s briefing paper for trustees following our seminar on the basics of charity trusteeship.

On 2 December 2013, NPC and the Clothworkers’ Company held a seminar for those wishing to understand the nature of trusteeship and the key things every trustee needs to know—for those completely new to the role, in need of a refresher, or thinking about becoming a trustee for the first time.

A common barrier to becoming a charity trustee is a lack of information and understanding—about what is expected of trustees, what the process will entail, the level of commitment it requires and the extent of personal liability. The role comes with a number of responsibilities, expectations and challenges, but it is also brings significant rewards. It is sociable and satisfying, and can aid professional development, as well as being of great value to charity beneficiaries and society at large. The discussions at this seminar aimed to break down some of these informational barriers, and provide a solid grounding in the key principles of trusteeship.