Corporate giving: NPC’s practical guide for corporate funders

This is a turbulent time for the voluntary sector: charities are facing severe funding cuts, while more people are in need of their help. In these difficult times, businesses can provide much-needed support to the communities in which they work. But it is more important than ever that charitable funding is spent as effectively as possible and that corporate funders understand the impact their donations have.

NPC’s guide for corporate funders provides practical guidance for funders to help them make the most of their giving while at the same time meeting their strategic and business objectives. It should be a useful tool for a whole range of corporate funders—from those who are new to corporate giving to experienced funders reviewing their strategies. It is a practical manual, and different sections will be relevant to funders at different stages of their giving.

The guide is structured around NPC’s five steps to effective giving:

  • Define your objectives
  • Identify your focus areas and understand needs
  • Select effective charities
  • Develop a package of support
  • Measure your impact

These five steps can help corporate funders develop a coherent strategy with clear aims, a solid framework, and realistic milestones. Once a funding strategy is in place, regular reviews can help a company monitor whether it is working by meeting its aims and helping charities that are making a difference.

 For us, the flexibility of this funding has allowed us to target areas of work where obtaining funding would have been very difficult. This has resulted in some very successful services.

A charity which received funding from the Execution Charitable Trust