Developing your digital roadmap

Many charities are preparing for digital transformation, but don’t know where to start. Should you develop a digital strategy to identify priorities and develop plans? Should you first understand your users’ needs and goals to identify your priorities? Or start by building a digital culture and developing staff and board skills? Or just get stuck in, and start by experimenting and learning by doing? We believe you need to be working on all of these—as Tom Loosemore, ex-Deputy Director of GDS said ‘Strategy is not what you write down, it’s what you do and deliver’.

Developing your digital roadmap is aimed at charities that are working out how to get started on their own digital change process, and the people who need to be bought into that change—senior managers, Chief Execs and trustees.

It focuses on the three areas:

  • digital priorities in your strategy;
  • understanding what users want and need; and
  • organisational culture and change.

Charities that develop a digital roadmap will be well-placed to start driving a change process to harness the potential of digital technology through their work. If you’re interested in NPC’s support to help you take this forward, please get in touch: