Settled? Avoiding pitfalls and maximising potential for those seeking post-Brexit settled status

Around 3.8m EU citizens currently live in the UK. If they intend to stay post-Brexit, they will need to engage with the government’s migrant registration scheme. This research, commissioned by the Transition Advice Fund and carried out by Revealing Reality, explores how migrants currently feel about the Government’s EU settlement scheme.

With the UK planning to leave the EU in March 2019, this study engaged EU migrants across the UK to uncover attitudes towards Brexit and the capability of different people to navigate the application process for settled status. This research included a range of migrant communities in around the country and found that most people should be able to navigate the practical application process for settled status without major problems.

However, some people were likely to face challenges due to gaps in their employment or residence record, or difficulty using the online application and payment system. The research also found significant emotional barriers which could affect people’s ability to successfully navigate the process.

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Download the case studies and information maps pack which accompanies Settled?

Settled – case studies and information maps

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What is the Transition Advice Fund? 

The Transition Advice Fund (TAF) aims to ensure that EU citizens living in the UK can secure their right to settled status—by helping the government design a system that works for everyone, and by making sure information and support is available to help people navigate the new system. It is completely non-partisan and funded through independent charitable donations.

TAF has comissioned Revealing Reality, a multi-award-winning insight and innovation agency to produce this research.

NPC manages the TAF day-to-day, bringing expertise in strategic philanthropy and policy-engaged funding.