Valuing potential: An SROI analysis on Columba 1400

Valuing potential is a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis on Columba 1400, a social enterprise in Scotland that runs leadership academies for young people from tough backgrounds. The report focuses on one of Columba 1400’s main programmes, the Young People’s Leadership Academy (YPLA), and finds that for every £1 invested in the programme, £2.50 of value is created for society.

This value comes from young people being in employment rather than NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) because of their participation in YPLA. The report finds that even though much of the impact of Columba 1400 could not be valued in financial terms, from looking at its impact on education, employment and training through SROI analysis it is possible to realise the huge value to be gained in investing in young people.

 Doing the SROI analysis really emphasised that what young people are doing with their lives matters well beyond their twentieth birthdays.

Sarah Keen, report author