What next?

The role for philanthropy in careers education and guidance for young people

NPC’s report looks at ways to improve careers education and guidance for young people up to the age of 19.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 170,000 of 16 to 18 year olds are not in education, employment or training.
  • It is often the ‘middle strata’ of pupils, who don’t have strong informal networks for advice, but also do not qualify for specialist support, that are most neglected.

The report highlights priorities for donors, including:

  • building a strong advocate for the careers advice sector to ensure government supports every young person
  • helping charities that are developing new and innovative methods
  • supporting the most disadvantaged young people such as those with disabilities and those from ethnic minorities, who often find it difficult to access state services.

 Just as the sons and daughters of teachers and doctors often opt to follow their parents into the profession, the same is true of shop and factory workers. Good careers education is crucial for correcting this discrepancy.

John Copps, report author