Our Work


From 2009, NPC researched well-being, and supported schools, charities and other organisations to measure their soft outcomes—such as how they improve self-esteem.

Through tailored advice and, previously our online Well-being Measure, our consultants enabled organisations like the Outward Bound Trust and Teens and Toddlers to quantify the difference they make to the lives of the people they support.

Along with expertise in this specialist area, we provided wide-ranging knowledge of social issues, and credibility as measurement experts.

News about NPC’s Well-being Measure

We are proud of what we have achieved—with more than 8,000 young people surveyed from over 100 schools and charities and important baseline data on the well-being of young people shared.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to turn this into a sustainable enterprise. Our blog explains why we decided to close down the Well-being Measure.

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