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NPC has been researching well-being, and supporting schools, charities and other organisations to measure soft outcomes—such as how they improve self-esteem—since 2009.

Our pioneering Well-being Measure, and tailored advice from our consultants, enables organisations like the Outward Bound Trust and Teens and Toddlers to quantify the difference they make to the lives of young people.

Along with expertise in this specialist area, we bring wide-ranging knowledge of social issues, and credibility as measurement experts.

How we work with you

NPC’s Well-being Measure is an online survey-based tool designed to be used with groups of 11–16 year-olds. We also work with organisations to support them to use the Well-being Measure and to adapt the tool for specific groups, such as children with special educational needs. We can help you to:

  • Demonstrate your impact. Survey the young people you work with at two or more points, tracking change in well-being over time.
  • Compare different groups of young people. Help target your services and track whether some groups respond better than others.
  • See your results in a national context. We automatically analyse your results within the context of our national baseline, to show you how your group of young people compares.

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