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Diversity in funding

Fozia Irfan and Jo Wells

Fozia Irfan, CEO of Beds & Luton Community Foundation, and Jo Wells, Director of the Blagrave Trust join NPC to discuss diversity as it is understood by foundations, the monetary value of lived experience and the extent to which US foundations are leading the UK.

This conversation is part of our series, Walking the talk, which explores the diversity of the UK’s charities and foundations, with perspectives from both in and outside the sector. Find the full collection here. 


Equity in funding

Fozia Irfan discusses the concept of ‘equity’ as it is used by US funders.

‘Getting our own house in order’

Jo Wells talks about the tension she feels between the power funders have to incentivize change on diversity and their poor record as a sector on the issue.

Power dynamics

Jo Wells discusses the need for honesty about power dynamics between funders and grantees if progress is to be made on diversity.

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