Coronavirus is not an ordinary storm to be weathered, a dip in the cycle to ride out and recover from. It is a moment of systemic change that demands a systemic response.

We are developing a new initiative: Rethink, Rebuild. We want to convene and collate diverse insights and expertise to:

  • Support the charity sector’s resilience and adaptation.
  • Seize this system-shifting moment.
  • Challenge long-held imbalances, inequalities and systemic dysfunctions in the sector.

We have identified five lines of enquiry for a more resilient, equitable, and progressive future for our sector. We will be using a ‘labs’ approach in which we convene, understand, explore, experiment, and learn together.

These ‘Rethink Charity’ labs currently include:

  • Rethink Strategy: Understanding, experimenting with and learning what it means to be resilient, agile and adaptive within and beyond the age of Covid.
  • Rethink Grant-making: Convening funders and grantees to explore and rethink funding systems and cultures.
  • Rethink Data: Exploring innovation through open & shared approaches to digital, data and learning.
  • Rethink Collaboration: Experimenting with how we could work together through partnerships, cross-sector working, shared programmes.
  • Rethink Policy: Reimagining the relationship between the charity and the public sector, exploring new approaches to commissioning, lobbying and policy change.

Alongside our Rethink Charity labs, we will be developing ‘Rebuild Resources’ to help the charity sector navigate the profound challenges ahead. These will include practical workshops, tools and materials to help charities adjust to this new landscape and emerge intact, ready to serve their beneficiaries through an era of perpetual crisis.


Highlights so far

Time to rethink and rebuild

Why we need a more resilient, equitable, and progressive future for our sector.

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Learning from others

Thoughts on how we rethink and rebuild.

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Where now?

Reacting and rebuilding must happen together; and the challenge of rebuilding will be massive.

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The future of charity

Three scenarios; how bold will we be?

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Our invitation

Rethink, Rebuild is a different kind of programme for NPC. It will be both an umbrella for new pieces ­– labs, workshops, and innovations – but also an integral narrative and approach that will run through many aspects of our existing and upcoming work. It will spur our thinking and action as we work with our partners to co-create these new ways of working and being.

But Rethink, Rebuild will only work as part of an open and collaborative process with a diverse range of contributors.

  • We know we are not the only ones asking these questions. We’d like curious minds from across the sector – funders, charities, community groups – to be part of the journey. What are you doing that connects to this? Can you help us develop this work?
  • We’d like your feedback. Are there other topics we should be exploring?
  • We hope to build a committed group of partners who can provide resource, insight and participation. Can you support?

Uncertainty can only be navigated together. Please let us know how you’d like to participate.  

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