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Diversity in charities and the media

Priscilla Baffour and Rob Berkeley

Priscilla Baffour, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the Financial Times and Rob Berkeley, founder of BlkOutUK.com and former director of the Runnymede Trust join NPC to discuss the contrasts between diversity as it is understood by charities and by media organisations, the isolating nature of being the ‘diverse’ person in an organisation and the complicated nature of organisational culture.

This conversation is part of our series, Walking the talk, which explores the diversity of the UK’s charities and foundations, with perspectives from both in and outside the sector. Find the full collection here. 


‘A greater onus to get this right’

Rob Berkeley explains his view that charities have a great responsibility to be diverse than other organisations.

Thinking about our cultures

Priscilla Baffour illustrates how the day to day aspects of organisational culture can exclude people from different backgrounds.

Discussion of concepts vs. discussion of identities

Rob Berkeley talks about the threat some people feel when their identities are discussed as abstract concepts.

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