Grey matters: Growing older in deprived areas

Around 1.8 million older people in the UK live in poverty – a number larger than the total population of Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham put together.

NPC’s report, Grey matters, highlights the challenges many older people are facing in deprived communities today. While many older people enjoy an active and happy retirement – volunteering or taking educational courses – for many of the poorest older people in the UK, these things are out of reach.

Did you know?

  • Over one fifth of the UK population is over 60.
  • Ageism and people’s attitudes to themselves and their age can alter life expectancy by as much as seven years.

The report highlights areas donors should consider funding including:

  • building links between younger and older members of communities
  • promoting volunteering opportunties, to recognise the valuable contribution that older people can make to society
  • helping older people to live independent and healthy lives, whether through leisure activities or community centres where they can meet other people and socialise.

 A 104-year-old volunteer from one charity knitted clothes for premature babies. She designed a new style of bonnet for these babies with a hole in the top so doctors could take the babies’ pulse on the top of their heads.

Sylvia Rowley, report author