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NPC’s manifesto for the new government

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Charities are on the frontline in the fight to overcome our nation’s most daunting social challenges. There are over 168,000 registered charities and many more voluntary and community groups. Millions give to charity, be they philanthropists, charitable foundations or ordinary donors, sacrificing their money or their time, with nearly 12 million of us volunteering once a month.

But while some charities are leading the way, many could do better with the right government support, encouragement and frameworks, and the social sector as a whole could make a much bigger impact too. So, with all major political parties proposing significant increases in public spending, and at least some of this likely to be contracted to charities, the government must think hard about how to support the social sector to be as impactful as possible.

We must be open about how charities are performing, open about where funding goes, and open with the government-held data that charities could use to have more impact. Our manifesto for a more impactful charity sector sets out how the new government can make this a reality.

'We need an unrelenting focus on improving impact, from the government, charities and funders alike, building on the examples of charities both big and small' - @NPCthinks manifesto for the new government Click To Tweet