Keeping children safe online

on 15 July 2019

Generation Digital have grown up with technology all around them, but treating children like adults is a dangerous road to take. We’ve been working with Nominet and ParentZone to investigate the online safety landscape so charities and funders can proactively drive best practice.


Keeping children safe online – Why funders must step up

on 8 July 2019 , 5 minute read

Children today have grown up with technology all around them. But treating children like adults is a dangerous road to take. We believe charities and funders are well placed to be a leading voice in online safety.


The importance of people and place in creating effective lasting social change in communities

By Sally-Anne Greenfield
on 26 June 2019 , 4 minute read

Sally-Anne Greenfield, newly appointed trustee of NPC talks about why she believes our new strategy is an important step in the right direction.

Picture of a woman taking a photo of street art on her phone.

Can technology make us less lonely?

By Michelle Man and Thomas Abrams.
on 21 June 2019 , 5 minute read

Almost a third of groups we looked at are prioritising technology to overcome loneliness among young people. Here's how...


Justice Select Committee Inquiry into Prison Governance: Response from NPC

on 19 June 2019

This is our written submission to the Justice Select Committee's inquiry into prison governance.


Independent, Effective, Humane: The case for funding charities in the prison system

on 18 June 2019

The latest piece of research in our Beyond Bars program shows that while funders may be worried about the situation in prisons they can fund charities who still have a significant impact and they should not be dissuaded or leave the sector.


Labour’s Civil Society Strategy

on 14 June 2019 , 5 minute read

Labour launched its own Civil Society Strategy this week. Here Tom Collinge, NPC Media and Communications Manager draws out what this means for charities and funders.


Should you fund a charities’ mental health app?

on 14 May 2019

New NPC research highlights the massive potential of apps, developed by charities, to help young people with their mental health. But a crowded market, risk and cost are just some of the issues charities face doing this. So how should funders support them?


What are charities and funders going to do about Brexit?

on 15 April 2019

With attention in government and the country at large focused on the policy recuperation and political drama of Brexit, is it time for charities and funders to assert their independence?


Snapshots of the sector 2019: Place

on 29 March 2019

Snapshots of the sector 2019: Diversity

on 20 March 2019

Have attitudes to diversity among charities and funders changed since 2016? For our Snapshots of the Sector 2019 series we spoke to 20 sector leaders to find out.


Snapshots of the sector 2019: Contracts

on 7 March 2019