What makes a good charity? NPC’s guide to charity analysis

NPC’s step-by-step guide to charity analysis, outlining our tried and tested approach which focuses on the key characteristics we believe are common to all effective charities.

Charity analysis can support charities and social enterprises to improve, enabling them to achieve more for the causes they are set up to serve. It can help charities review their performance and also helps funders make decisions about where to focus support.

NPC’s charity analysis framework

Our analysis framework covers four key areas and in the guide we explain why each is important, the key questions to ask and what to look for in order to reach a judgement about an organisation’s effectiveness.

We also include an assessment grid to summarise what ‘good’ looks like for each area and a blank template so you can easily fill in your notes as you work through the guide. You can find your assessment grid template on page 64 of this resource.

Who is this guide for?

The guide is essential reading for charity leaders, trustees, grant-makers, philanthropists and anyone interested in helping charities to become better.

This is a practical and accessible guide that will be invaluable for donors and charities alike.

Rebecca Eastmond, Head of Philanthropy Advisory EMEA, J.P. Morgan

How has this guide been developed?

We have built on our popular 2010 publication The little blue book (which has been downloaded 15,000 times) and 15 years of experience working with charities and funders. This guide reflects our latest thinking on what it takes to be an effective charity in today’s context.