Our Work

Our services

NPC’s consulting services include independent advice, bespoke research and practical support. Our experienced team have built up a wealth of experience over ten years of analysing charities, exploring social issues and providing expert advice to help our clients be as successful as they can be.

Theory of change

NPC can help you develop a theory of change as a basis for clarifying your strategy, measuring your impact or thinking about your place in the sector.

Strategy for charities

We can help you think about important strategic issues in your organisation, whatever your size or mission.

Strategy for funders

We can help donors and grant-makers develop a strategy to help structure and target funding of any size.

Grant management

We can provide practical support to develop your grant-making processes, choose charities to fund and set up monitoring systems.

Research & analysis

Our bespoke research can help you to explore the areas you are working in or considering working in, so that you can decide how best to address the problems you see.

Impact measurement

We can help you on every stage of your impact measurement journey, from identifying what to measure, to developing the tools to collect data, to analysing and showcasing your results.

Social investment

Through advice, research, workshops and training, NPC can help you make the right decisions about social investment and navigate the social investment market.

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