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Audio: How can charities harness new power dynamics?

31 October 2018

Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Nesta, works with charities and social organisations around the world, to help them understand the ways technology is shaping the future. In the below recording, he speaks to attendees of NPC Ignites 2018 on the changing nature of power in the world today and what it means for charities.

Even if there isn’t a [future] lurch to more populist or more authoritarian politics, this sector probably has to learn to become more oppositional again… go back to its roots as a challenger to power rather than having easy access as a partner to power.



I live and breathe impact and evaluation, but these are only as good as the values that underpin them. The values that civil society is built will be needed now and in the future, and we must create the tools that amplify these.

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