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Is the government on track to level up social needs?

By and Leah Davis
on 5 November 2021 , 4 minute read

The government is starting to recognise that its 'levelling up' agenda must also invest in communities and people. However, charities need to coordinate their advocacy and continue to make a strong case for investing in social needs.

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Will Sunak’s Spending Review choose to pursue happiness?

By and Dan Corry
on 25 October 2021 , 3 minute read

Over the summer, a rather technical and dry paper emerged from the bowels of the Treasury. The report is about how well-being can inform policy and it could be of profound importance for public policy in the years ahead if its principles are put into practice by the Chancellor.


The voluntary sector’s relationship with government

By Sarah Vibert
on 6 October 2021 , 4 minute read

Sarah Vibert, Interim CEO of NCVO, discusses the ways in which the voluntary sector can work with and influence government. Sarah will be speaking at NPC Ignites 2021.

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How I learned that ‘narrative change’ can bring about social change

By Kate Stanley
on 27 September 2021 , 3 minute read

Kate Stanley, Executive Director of FrameWorks UK, discusses how charities can influence public discourse and bring about social change. Kate will be speaking at NPC Ignites 2021.

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Embracing radical change in the charity sector

By Richard Hawkes
on 19 August 2021 , 4 minute read

Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of the British Asian Trust, discusses how the UK charity sector has performed during the pandemic and sets out why charities must seize this opportunity to radically change. Richard will be speaking at NPC Ignites 2021.

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We need to reimagine care, not just fix it

By Anna Dixon
on 11 August 2021 , 4 minute read

Successive governments have made little progress on much-needed social care reform. With the pandemic exposing the cracks in our care system, we must now reimagine social care.


How to measure the health of the charity sector

By and Tom Collinge
on 22 July 2021 , 4 minute read

With the recent relaxation of Covid-19 regulations in England, can we find a metric that helps us better understand the health of our sector as we enter a world without coronavirus restrictions?

National Gallery

How the National Gallery went ‘digital-only’ during the pandemic and what reopening could look like for the arts

By Kate Iddon
on 8 July 2021 , 4 minute read

The public arts sector may soon be able to welcome large numbers of visitors for the first time since March 2020. How did the National Gallery increase its digital offering during the pandemic and what learnings will the arts sector take into the post-pandemic world?

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Is ‘levelling up’ just a soundbite?

By and Dan Corry
on 7 July 2021 , 4 minute read

The government wants to do something called 'levelling up' and it is popular amongst the public. What does this policy actually entail and how can the government meet the public's expectations of it?

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Financial incentives and charity survey participation

By and Ben Fowler
on 4 June 2021 , 5 minute read

Paying survey participants is standard practice in commercial market research. In the charity sector it is less prevalent. Why is this and how do vouchers or cash rewards affect response rates and survey representativeness?


Field building for democracy

By and Michelle Man
on 21 April 2021 , 4 minute read

The UK democracy sector faces challenges similar to those faced by charities. Whether it’s building a thriving democracy or tackling homelessness, if we’re to achieve our charitable missions, we need to find ways to be more open and collaborative.


Is there a North/South divide in English philanthropy?

on 9 April 2021 , 3 minute read

NPC’s philanthropist and funder peer network recently came together to discuss the North/South divide in English philanthropy.