Tackling child abuse in Scotland: A guide for funders

This report is a guide for funders who want to combat child abuse in Scotland. It maps the landscape of the issue, and helps funders understand the many different charities and approaches that they could support.

In 2014/2015, more than 4,000 children were added to the child protection register in Scotland, and it is likely that many more than this are at risk of abuse.

Independent funders can play an important role in protecting children and preventing child abuse in Scotland. This report aims to:

  • explain the context for the vital work of charities and funders working on child abuse in Scotland
  • outline the risk factors for child abuse and priority needs in this area
  • identify gaps in funding and opportunities for funders
  • examine the role of independent funders, and set out some questions that funders can ask themselves when prioritising their activities.

We hope it will enable funders to think through how they can have the greatest impact on the issue.RS border

With thanks to RS Macdonald Charitable Trust for supporting this work, and all those who contributed their time to the research.

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