Analysis of CCG contracts data

NPC has analysed data on 3,494 contracts awarded by Clinical Commissioning Groups between April 2013 and August 2014. The data shows the distribution of contracts between NHS providers, private companies, charities and social enterprises.

NPC’s exclusive analysis found that:

  • Charities and social enterprises were awarded 387 (11%) of the total contracts awarded during this time
  • Private companies were almost three times more successful, securing 33% (1,149) of the contracts
  • The remainder went to NHS providers (1,915) and ‘other’ providers (43), such as local authorities and universities
  • Charity providers appear to be particularly under-represented in the provision of community-based services—an area where they might be expected to thrive.

We are currently designing further research to further clarify the types of providers that are winning CCG contracts and to form a qualitative narrative around the drivers of these contracting patterns.