Critical masses: Social campaigning, a guide for donors and funders

Social campaigning has led to some of the greatest social and political improvements in modern history: the abolition of slavery; the extension of suffrage; the banning of landmines; and debt cancellation for the poorest countries.

Critical masses explores the role of campaigning charities and highlights the significant part they can play in changing legislation and shifting attitudes. The report looks to address common concerns donors and funders have about campaigning, and shows that it is not only effective and measurable but also critical for tackling some of society’s biggest problems.

The report identifies two priorities areas for donors and funders to support:

  • rigorous monitoring and evaluation of campaigning programmes, to make future campaigns more effective and efficient and to help make the case for campaigning.
  • capacity-building, to help charities build the skills, networks and tools necessary to run successful campaigns.

 Campaigning for policy change or to change attitudes and behaviour is a very visible activity for lots of charities. The charities, politicians, and regulators agree that this work is important, but many donors and funders hesitate to provide funding.

Gustaf Lofgren, report author