Funder network: Evaluating the pilot knowledge-sharing network

What can be done to improve learning and knowledge-sharing among charitable funders? How can existing networks be extended to support a wider range of funders and staff? Could a specialist website for funders help to achieve these aims?

In June 2011, the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), and the City Bridge Trust ran a six-month pilot project to try and answer these questions. The website,, was established with the support of a group of nine foundations. Six months on, the pilot site has over 300 users from 150 trusts and foundations, who are using the site to search for information, learn from peers, and share what they know.

As the pilot period comes to a close, this report presents an evaluation, asking: Has the pilot website achieved what it set out to? What worked and what did not? Is there demand to continue it? And if so, how could it be improved?

In the months since surveying users and writing this evaluation, we have already seen distinct improvements and growth in the content on the site, and we encourage all readers to continue this progress by getting involved. Please contact

Over 90% of respondents to the survey view the website as useful and want it to continue.

Funder network