How are you getting on?

By understanding how funders use results information and what drives their satisfaction with it, charities can improve their funding applications and their reporting. By understanding the challenges charities face in this area and what other funders ask for and use, funders can make appropriate demands for results information and improve their own use of it. A grasp of the concerns expressed by charities and funders can help support providers improve their services for both groups.

This interim report, commissioned by the National Performance Programme builds on new research by New Philanthropy Capital into the communication of results information by charities to funders, and funders’ use of this information. It also focuses on the external support charities receive for monitoring and evaluation and funders’ financial and non-financial assistance for this work.

 Results-driven funding is becoming more and more common, which is great news. But charities need support to move from just gathering data to analysing it, so that they can improve not just reporting but their work for beneficiaries as well.

Gustaf Lofgren, report author