How can charities maximise their impact by working with PCCs?

Insights from a roundtable hosted by NPC and the Police Foundation.

In October 2016 NPC and the Police Foundation convened a roundtable of charities from across the criminal justice system, many of whom have been working with Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) over the past four years. The aim of the roundtable was to explore how the role of PCCs has evolved, and to identify where new opportunities for partnerships with the voluntary sector may arise as the devolution agenda takes shape.

Here we share the key insights from those in attendance, outlining:

  • The role and rationale for PCCs
  • The context for collaboration between charities and PCCs
  • The potential for greater collaboration
  • How PCCs and charities can best engage with one another

We hope it will encourage more charities working in the criminal justice sector to engage with PCCs to help increase their impact.