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Taking a whole-system approach to criminal justice

By and Theo Clay
on 20 January 2022 , 4 minute read

Given the complexities in the criminal justice system, we must take a whole-system approach to reoffending. By focusing on overlooked and underfunded areas, we can plant the seeds for a fairer criminal justice system.

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Levelling Up and social needs: An analysis of government’s progress

on 11 January 2022

In this analysis, we investigate where Levelling Up money is going and how it compares with these priorities.

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Breaking reoffending cycles in the criminal justice system

on 8 December 2021

The criminal justice system is immensely complex. Progress depends on a greater understanding of how the system works. We have created a systems map of the key factors that influence reoffending rates for people in the criminal justice system.

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How we can solve systemic failure in the criminal justice system

By and Theo Clay
on 6 January 2021 , 4 minute read

The pandemic has led to charities being shut out of prisons and prisoners being locked up for 23 hours a day. What’s more, funders feel that change is too hard to achieve in the criminal justice system. Here’s how a systems map could help funders and charities have an impact in prisons.

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Connections between homelessness and the criminal justice system

By Theo Clay and Margery Infield, NPC
on 20 December 2019 , 5 minute read

In this blog NPC Consultants Theo Clay and Margery Infield explore the links between homelessness and the criminal justice system.

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Collaborating to change the criminal justice system

By Anne Fox
on 19 December 2019 , 7 minute read

Anne Fox Chief Executive of Clinks discusses her new book Crime & Consequence which poses the question, what should happen to people who commit criminal offences?

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What role can the social sector play in tackling youth crime?

on 22 July 2019 , 4 minute read

What is the social sector doing to reduce and prevent youth crime?

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Justice Select Committee Inquiry into Prison Governance

on 19 June 2019

This is our written submission to the Justice Select Committee's inquiry into prison governance.

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Independent, Effective, Humane: Funding charities in the prison system

on 18 June 2019

The latest piece of research in our Beyond Bars program shows that while funders may be worried about the situation in prisons they can fund charities who still have a significant impact and they should not be dissuaded or leave the sector.

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How do charities work with prisons in 2019?

on 10 May 2019

Listen to our new podcast on charities and the criminal justice system.

How are charities accessing people in prison to deliver vital services report front cover

How are charities accessing people in prison to deliver services?

on 20 March 2019

People in prison need access to charities. But due to the nature of prisons charities find it hard to get access to prisoners. In this report we set out working with the system can help charities break down the barriers to access.


How charities are influencing change in prisons

on 5 February 2019

In the face of massive budget cuts, turnover in political leadership, and a rising prison population, is there anything charities can do to improve the situation in prisons?