Knowledge and Learning for social organisations aiming to grow or ‘scale-up’

‘Knowledge and Learning’ can help social projects who want to grow or scale up. In this guide we suggest that there are three broad areas or questions that ‘Knowledge and Learning’ could cover for projects that are growing, and we cover each of these in-turn. The overall aim is to maximise the quality, effectiveness and impact of projects.

This guide is about how ‘Knowledge and Learning’ might support social projects aiming to grow or ‘scale up’. It is written based on NPC’s experience of working with eight Accelerating Ideas projects in 2016-2017 supported by Nesta and the Big Lottery Fund using National Lottery Funding.

In this paper we cover three main points:

  • What is ‘Knowledge and Learning’?
  • What questions social projects can address through ‘Knowledge and Learning’, how to ask them and how to prioritise them.
  • Creating a Knowledge and Learning culture.

Nesta have blogged about working on this project: