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Decorative: The cycle of good impact practice

Impact practices: getting started

on 18 March 2022

The cycle of good impact practice provides simple, step-by-step guidance for how to plan your impact, carry out measurement, assess the data you collect, and review your work. It is a four-step process and there are lots of practical, downloadable resources to support you along the way. 

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Events & Training

What could realistically be achieved through shared measurement?

On 5 July 2022, 11:00 am12:30 pm
at Zoom

This event is part of our Leading Impact series of seminars and will discuss what can be achieved through shared evaluation even if the perfect conditions do not exist.

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YIF: Dashboard

on 11 May 2021

Our interactive dashboard providing an overview of the shared evaluation of the Youth Investment Fund.

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YIF8: Simulating the economic benefits of youth work

on 11 May 2021

In our eighth Learning and Insight paper, we report on our model for simulating the economic benefits of open access youth provision.

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YIF7: Findings from a shared evaluation of open access youth provision

on 11 May 2021

Our seventh Learning and Insight paper shares the findings of our shared evaluation of the Youth Investment Fund.

YIF paper 6 cover

Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper six

on 29 January 2021

In our sixth Learning and Insight paper we reflect on what we have learnt from the experience of the YIF learning and evaluation project, with a view to informing future open access youth provision learning and evaluation initiatives.

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Stories from small organisations that are improving their impact

By and Dan Corry
on 18 November 2020 , 3 minute read

How have small organisations been understanding and improving the difference they make? A new collection of stories and tips from the Inspiring Impact programme focus on the role of smaller organisations during the pandemic and how they have adapted their impact measurement.

Youth Investment Fund Paper 4 front cover

YIF4: Emerging findings from the Youth Investment Fund Learning Project

on 28 September 2020

Early findings about the quality and impact of open access youth provision, with insights into the development of feasible and meaningful evaluation approaches for this field.

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Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper three

on 6 August 2020

This paper describes the YIF shared outcomes measurement framework that has been developed for the YIF-funded organisations, and set out the rationale behind the outcomes framework design.


Learning lessons about measurement and evaluation from Covid-19

on 9 June 2020 , 3 minute read

The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in urgent need, vanishing resources and huge uncertainty. In the midst of all of this, there’s new opportunities to use creativity, coordination and adaptation to gather data and evidence.

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Understanding Impact

on 12 February 2020

How to turn your theory of change into a plan for measurement, the five types of data you will need to pay attention to, and how to prioritise what to measure.

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One week ’till NPC Ignites 2019!

By and Dan Corry
on 3 October 2019 , 3 minute read

It's just one week till NPC Ignites 2019! Our CEO Dan Corry runs through the exciting programme.