Talking to trustees

October 2010 saw the UK’s first ever national Trustees’ Week. Its aim was to promote trusteeship and encourage more people to consider taking up the role. With the Big Society agenda also calling for more of us to get involved in our local communities, trusteeship has become a hot topic.

NPC ran a series of trustee seminars in May, June and July 2010, funded by The Clothworkers’ Company. Over 80 charity trustees came together to debate how they could make their charities more effective and to share ideas about improving trusteeship.

Talking to trustees shares some of the interesting ideas raised at the seminars and highlights how trustees can help their charities to be as effective as possible.

The seminars were centred around three main topics:

  • How can trustees make their charities more effective?
  • How can boards maximise their own contribution?
  • What do trustees need to know about impact?

 Trustees are as central to a charity’s success as non-executive directors are to a business’s success.

Ken Olisa, Chair of Thames Reach

Talking to trustees forms part of NPC’s larger body of research on trusteeship, which includes the reports Board matters and Trusteeship 2010.