The power of collaboration

An evaluation of Take Note’s model for partnerships

Previous NPC research has described how working in collaboration helps organisations tackle social issues and supports communities to develop and thrive: when organisations work together towards a shared goal, it increases their reach and influence, while reducing competition and duplication, meaning positive social impact is more likely.

Take Note aims to spark and support extraordinary artistic collaborations to deliver ambitious, inclusive community arts projects. They do this through a package of funding and strategic support for groups of partners, to help these partners plan, deliver, and evaluate effective partnerships.

To date, Take Note has supported three partnership projects, one in Suffolk, and two in Gloucester in partnership with Gloucester-based organisation GUST, investing a total of £78,000. This report summarises NPC’s evaluation of these projects and how Take Note supported them.

NPC’s aims were to highlight the impact of the Take Note approach on the organisations supported, reflect on which elements of the model worked well and could be replicated, and consider where there might be scope for improvement. Our wider aim was to evaluate and highlight the positive impact that collaboration can have on organisations and on communities.

We found that Take Note’s model supported partners to align their aspirations and plan their work effectively, and gave them space to reflect strategically on the change they wanted to achieve together. Through Take Note’s facilitated process, organisations established good working relationships with new allies from different sectors whilst also expanding their expertise and networks. Take Note also supported partners to develop their skills for effective partnership working, by introducing a range of tools and resources designed to strengthen and support best collaborative practice.

Learn more by reading this report and by reading a summary on Take Note’s website.


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