Trading for the future

A five-year review of the work of the Execution Charitable Trust

One day each year, staff at Execution Noble trade shares to raise money for charity. For the past ten years, the money raised during the event has been changing lives in some of Britain’s poorest communities, from its doorstep in east London, to as far afield as Belfast and Glasgow.

NPC has been working with the Execution Charitable Trust (ECT) since its inception in 2001, through a time of great change in the charity sector. Recently, charities have had a difficult time, facing funding cuts of nearly £3bn, dealing with rising demand and working in increasingly difficult circumstances. They are having to be more resourceful than ever to continue to help people. In these circumstances, the funding of ECT is vital.

At NPC, we strongly support ECT’s model of focusing on need, making an impact, and giving charities the freedom and security to deliver good work. The trust’s model and the lessons it has learnt are important for all funders. The stories in this report show some of the great changes that the grantees have been able to make in their community because of the funding that they have received from ECT.

To read Execution Charitable Trust’s 10 year report, and find out more about the trust’s work, visit ECT’s website.

 I don’t shout as much, I try and think before I speak so I am not going off on one, as we were all shouting at each other before, now things feel calmer.

Participant of Exeter Community Initiatives’ parenting course, funded by ECT

Please note, Execution Charitable Trust is currently not looking for new grantees. But if you would like to register your interest in becoming a grantee in the future please email no more than 500 words to Angela Kail describing the work your organisation does, the outcomes it achieves, and how you measure your outcomes.