When I’m 65: Ageing in 21st century Britain

We all want to be active, happy and healthy in our old age. Yet millions of older people spend their days isolated from other people, cut off from local services and struggling to make ends meet.

When I’m 65 is a short update of our earlier report on older people, Grey matters. As well as outlining the changes government has made, the report highlights charities that are helping older people enjoy their lives.

Did you know?

  • Children’s charities receive nearly five times more money than older people’s charities.
  • One in three adults surveyed by Age Concern described older people as ‘incapable and incompetent’.

There are a number of charities aiming to give older people in deprived areas more meaningful and enjoyable lives, that donors can consider funding.

 I’ve seen that many thousands of people, from 65 to 105, are volunteering, enriching their own lives and the lives of their local communities.

Esther Paterson, report author