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Fundraising for Giving Tuesday

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Team NPC will be taking on the ultimate cycling challenge this Giving Tuesday – Virtual Everest! Show your support and help raise money to invest in a better future for charities and non-profits. 

Donate today! 100% of your donation will go to NPC, as JustGiving are waiving their fees for Giving Tuesday.  


On Tuesday 29 November, Tris Lumley, Director of Innovation & Development will be donning his cycle jersey and getting on his indoor bike to climb to the top of the world’s highest peak, in an incredible effort of endurance and stamina. He’ll be doing it on Zwift, climbing the 1,000m Alpe du Zwift eight and a half times. 

This will be brutal.  

Over 12 hours of incline reaching the height of Everest. This is equivalent to doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge more than five times on a bike. In one day! 

He needs your support to help get to the top! 

There are sweeping problems that affect our society, in the UK and the wider world. To help solve these problems, we need a strong, effective and impactful social sector. ​ 

NPC builds that strength, encourages better practice and imagines new approaches for the sector to take.​ 

Your donation will support both the work of NPC, and all the charities that we support too! 

Your donation will support both the work of NPC, and all the charities that we support too! 

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Our target is £8,848 – the height of Everest in metres. 

You will be able to join Tris on the day via Zoom to cheer him on and see how he’s doing. 

What are all those arrows in your graphic?  

NPC imagines new ideas and approaches for how charities and non-profits can be effective. The arrows represent what is called the three horizons model, a way of thinking about and encouraging innovation. 

We have bold ideas for future horizons, as bold as the ambition of climbing Everest in a day!  

When’s the last time you cycled up a hill? Spare a thought (and a donation) for NPC's Tris, who will be cycling up the equivalent of Everest this Giving Tuesday in support of NPC! Click To Tweet

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