How philanthropists can support treatment and recovery charities

By Oliver Standing
on 6 May 2020 , 6 minute read

For anyone seeking help escaping drugs or alcohol, charities are a lifeline. But coronavirus has turned this network of support upside down. In this case study, Oliver Standing from Collective Voice talks to funders about what philanthropists can do to help.


How philanthropists can help maternity services adapt

on 8 April 2020

In this case study, our Systems Change Principal, Seth Reynolds, interviews (virtually) Vicky Fobel, Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager at NCT, to learn how they’re adapting and what philanthropists can do to help parenting charities.

Angela Kail

How can the charity sector adapt to coronavirus?

on 13 March 2020 , 4 minute read

If the unofficial motto of the charity sector is ‘we do what needs to be done’—then right now with coronavirus we face an unprecedented challenge of working out what does need to be done. We need to adapt and ask how those who support us can also help


Charities keep us healthy

on 25 February 2020 , 5 minute read

With the publication of the Marmot Review 10 Years On, Dan Corry reflects on how the social determinants of health are deep and structural, how charities of all kinds can play a role in overcoming them and what NPC is doing in this area.


Social prescribing: working to get it right

By Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive, National Voices
on 6 February 2020

Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive, National Voices discusses their plans to explore what’s happening in local communities, and identify the key issues and solutions for effective social prescribing.


Learning together as a sector: NHS charities using shared measurement

on 4 September 2019

NPC has worked with Imperial HealthCharity to analyse the potential for shared measurement among NHS charities.


Where are we on health?

on 21 March 2019

With government paralysed by Brexit, Dan Corry, NPC CEO, finds hope in the potential for collaboration between charities and the health service.


Moving mental health beyond hashtags

By Jennifer Richards
on 5 December 2018

High profile campaigns have raised awareness of a range of mental health problems and the broad need to do something to help people who experience them. But is this enough and how do we move past awareness to make sure the support is available for people who need it?


Mental Health in the UK: From Awareness to Action?

on 15 October 2018

Carin Eisenstein, NPC Consultant, looks back at the last year in mental health, highlighting the vital role charities have played in promoting awareness and the need for private funding—now more than ever.


NHS & VCS at 70: NHS charities—towards an understanding of impact

on 17 August 2018

NPC has been working with the Maddox Group of CEOs of NHS charities. Our work with them points towards both the value that these charities have in themselves and lessons for others in the voluntary sector who want to work with the NHS and understand their impact.


NHS & VCS at 70: Allies in the struggle for the nation’s health

on 17 August 2018

The NHS has always been supported, in one way or another, by charities. Now, as we face a rising tide of conditions whose origins lie in social issues of loneliness, inactivity and the like, Iona Joy, NPC Head of Charities, argues the two sectors should formalise their alliance.