Erwin Hieltjes

As head of Data and Impact, Erwin leads NPC’s evaluation and learning work and thought leadership. He supports all types of organisations trying to do good, ranging from charities and foundations, to social enterprises and individual philanthropists. He helps them to go from good to best, improve learning and maximising impact.

Erwin has a keen eye for meaningful and proportionate evaluation, challenging the sector to use data that is already there and design new measures in an efficient and purposeful way. As an economist, he lets data analysis guide his decision making, ensuring conclusions are robust and sound. At the same time, he underscores the importance mixed evaluation: no numbers without stories, no stories without numbers. Together they often provide the most useful insights.

Erwin has over 10 years of experience in the business and charity sector. Before joining NPC, he had his own social sector impact consultancy in the Netherlands (Impacters), working on programmes for disadvantaged youth (IMC Charitable Foundation), integration of migrants (Foundation New Home Rotterdam), at-risk single mothers (Mothers of Rotterdam) and the gender pay gap (Salaristijger). Erwin started his career as a Strategy Consultant at Booz & Company (now PwC Strategy&), after obtaining a MSc. degree in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Erwin is a trustee of the Healthcare Embassy, a foundation in the Netherlands unlocking the potential of innovation in the conservative healthcare sector.

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Why I work at NPC

I use my background as an economist to support non-profits and funders in making better choices based on data-insights. Not just doing good, but doing best.

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