Data permeates almost every aspect of our lives today. Our expectations for the role of data in generating innovation and wellbeing are higher than ever. In the private sector, access to a large group of consumers and the ability to hire a specialist team helps exploit data.

For charities and funders tackling pressing social and environmental problems, the stakes are arguably even higher–but so are the challenges. We need to know where most food parcels are needed, who benefits most from advice to stop smoking and at what point charities should work with young people at risk of exclusion from school, to give but a few examples.

It seems like data should help as it does for firms and governments, but that’s not always the case. Data is often held by small organisations who can’t plug in to local and regional trends– and they may lack the capacity to apply sophisticated statistical methods that are seen as the most reliable by funders.

At NPC we seek to unleash the power of data by giving the sector tools to better understand its environment and impact. We’re always looking to innovate and go further–and we’d love to hear your ideas. We have three powerful tools to share with you:

NPC's Data Labs

Following up beneficiaries is hard, and so is crunching the numbers to understand what happened to them. Two government departments, encouraged by NPC, launched data labs where they follow up charity beneficiaries and compare to non-beneficiaries. It’s a light-touch approach for charities with more than 100 beneficiaries and the methodology is both rigourous and taken seriously by funders.


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Data Labs - Our Data Labs project aims to open up government administrative data to the social sector. NPC

NPC's Databank

Drawing on data collected by charities as well as government data to provide some context, our online platform, to be relaunched in Spring 2024, is here to help you understand your context better–and contribute to evidence-based discussions about who is doing what and when in the sector.

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Data consulting

Data is a complex area and no two organisations are alike. We can help you make sense of your data as well as define strategies for collecting the right information from the get-go. We also have skills in economic evaluation.

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Data - Data is essential for any effective charitable organisation—and not only for impact measurement. NPC

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