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‘A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.’

Strategy is all about purpose. It helps you focus on the things you care about, make better decisions, and can help guide charitable giving and enhance social impact.

We are living through challenging timescovid, the cost of living crisis, the climate and nature crises. It is more important than ever for charities and funders to adapt their strategies to support those they work with and to respond to the ever-changing external environment. We need emergent, adaptive strategies that can build resilience in the sector, to withstand crises known and the unexpected challenges that arise.

Whatever challenges you face, our resourcestraining, and consultancy support can help you adapt and develop a strategy that gets you closer to achieving your mission.

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Whether you’re a charity, funder or social enterprise, we can offer you tailored support creating a strategy. Each of our packages  has a bespoke budget, dependent on the needs of the organisation. Please get in touch with our Strategy Associate, Claire Burley if you would like to discuss any of these options for support. Call 020 7620 4850 or email below.

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How we can help

NPC has long supported charities and funders through an end to end strategy development process. We can help you review your theory of change, help you to navigate strategic decisions, capture learning, prioritise your areas of work, and understand your capabilities in a changing environment. We can also offer shorter, more flexible packages of support to charities and funders.

We can help you:

  • Review or develop your Theory of Change. We can help you to better understand how you intend to create impact.
  • Understand your changing environment—and identify current opportunities and threats. NPC can use horizon scanning and stakeholder mapping techniques to help you adapt your response, collaborate with others, and prioritise the people and issues that need you the most.
  • Refresh or develop your strategy. Bringing over 20 years of experience in supporting charities and funders to develop strategies we are well placed to support you in your strategy development journey. We flex our approach to meet the needs and budget of each organisation we support.
  • Engage those you support in the strategy development process. We are passionate about involving users in the development of strategy and can support you in designing a strategy development process with the level of engagement that is right for youfrom consultation to co-design.
  • Navigate strategic decisions via ‘critical friend’ support. Using our expertise and independent viewpoint, we can facilitate difficult conversations and help you navigate the challenging decisions by providing feedback and insight from the wider sector.
  • Capture what you are learning and use this to inform your strategy. We can help you consider what data you will need to continue, start and stop collecting throughout your response in order to make good decisions down the line. We can help you develop a framework for systematic capture of learning—and help you think through how you might use what you learn to adapt.
  • Run a ‘health check’ on your internal resources and capabilities. We can use our What Makes a Good Charity framework to evaluate the health of your charity, and help you to develop a plan to addresses weaknesses and employ strengths.
  • Make your charitable funding go further. Many funders are rethinking their priorities and processes in light of the Covid-19 crisis. We can support you to design your charitable giving in a way that enables your grantees to deliver the most for the people and the communities they work with in these challenging times.

Strategy Peer Network

NPC facilitates an active Strategy Peer Support network for individuals leading strategy development within their organisations. It provides a space for those who work on charity strategy to share challenges and ideas; to make connections and to learn together. The group meets monthly on a ‘drop in’ basis and the areas for discussion are set by the group.

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Build effective charitable organisations - Charity analysis, strategy, theory of change - NPC - New Philanthropy

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