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Anything but the same old

By Dan Corry 13 May 2015

The charity sector is littered with conferences of every type and hue. They do a good job in their own terms. But we think something is missing.

We know that, as society changes, doing the same things as before won’t cut it. So we need a conference that challenges and inspires, that makes you think, that recognises the world is changing fast and that tries to learn from the best across the sectors.  This is what our annual conference is all about.

This year’s will be our fifth annual event and we are branding it NPC Ignites. It’s some six months away, but already it’s shaping up to be the conference that’s worth a day out of your busy schedule.

The enormous changes that the sector has been confronted with in recent years—from the data revolution to government cuts, political and regulatory shifts to new digital technology and growing social needs—are here to stay. And our NPC Ignites conference is aimed at those who really want to be up-to-date with what is happening in the sector that can affect our ability to really deliver impact. It is for those who want learn from good practice and new thinking right across the sector and beyond, who want to be challenged, who want to be ahead of the curve.

Sparking new ideas + approaches

Digital and data are reshaping our daily lives and the way business and government work. They are already part of the lives of many that charities want to help and they offer massive opportunities, as well as threats to those who don’t embrace the changes. Our conference will hear from this year’s Dimbleby Lecturer, Baroness Martha Lane Fox, and also from leading charities that have been doing great work in this area.

The approaches taken by the new wave of charity leaders pushing their organisations to achieve more impact is a key NPC theme, and one we see in our consultancy work. And we’re delighted that the boss of the much-changed NSPCC, Peter Wanless, will be speaking at the conference.

Equally important are the new forms of funding that are starting to emerge, and so we will hear from leading figures in the social investment space as well as from Dawn Austwick, CEO of the big Daddy (Mummy?) in the funding world, the Big Lottery Fund. We are delighted, too, that Kate Sayer, senior partner at Sayer Vincent, will be sharing her thoughts on taking a fresh approach to budgeting and other finance processes so that organisations can adapt to a changing world and deliver on their strategy.

So put Wednesday 14 October 2015 in your diary and look out for more news about how NPC Ignites will help you challenge your thinking, connect with their peers and, in turn, spark even greater change.