NHS Charities

The challenge

A group of chief executives from the Maddox Group of NHS Charities approached NPC to develop a shared theory of change and evaluation guidance, to build evidence of the impact of NHS Charities. The Royal Free Charity, Imperial College Healthcare Charity (now Imperial Health Charity) and CW+ spearheaded the project which also involved others from the wider Maddox Group.

With increasing need for radical solutions to the pressures facing the NHS, the partners wanted to set out a collective strategic vision and demonstrate the impact of NHS charities on the NHS and patients.

Our approach

We held a workshop to develop a shared theory of change which would be relevant to all members of the group. We used interviews and desk research to review current evaluation practice and provided guidance for NHS Charities to improve, both as individual organisations and as a group. The NHS Charities Evaluation Guidance was launched at the 2016 annual meeting of the Association of NHS Charities.

The result

The theory of change helped NHS Charities recognise how much they have in common, despite differences in size and scope.  The Evaluation Guidance was well received and has been published on Inspiring Impact’s Impact Hub. NPC is now working with the group, with support from Inspiring Impact, to build on this work and develop shared measurement tools.

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Up to now we have had little hard evidence of the real impact we are making. Our work with NPC will provide evidence-based analysis of our work collectively and individually, helping with our fundraising, marketing and stakeholder engagement.

Ian Lush

Chief Executive, Imperial College Healthcare Charity