Charities and the life chances agenda

Dan Corry’s keynote speech at the Working Families Policy Conference. He talked about the Government’s equality agenda, what it has achieved, where it is lacking, and what charities can do to drive progress.

Working familiesAt the start of 2016, the Prime Minister David Cameron announced a government commitment to addressing social inequality and community breakdown, with new funding unveiled for relationship and parenting support. Cameron argued that ‘families are the key to ending poverty’.

In response, Dan Corry spoke to the Working Families Policy Conference on 27 January 2016, exploring the Government’s progress on this agenda so far, the barriers to its success, and the role for charities in making it a reality.

In the speech, Corry scrutinsed the Prime Minister’s attempt to create an equality ‘legacy’. He argued that this work, however welcome, would struggle unless a proper focus is placed on family income, which remains a ‘missing ingredient’ in the Government’s approach.

Corry urged charities and advocacy groups to keep up the pressure on the Government to fight about the issues that are important to families, to life chances, and to income equality.

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