Solutions for sanctuary

An overview of the refugee and asylum charity sector in the UK

This paper describes the landscape of the refugee and asylum charity sector in the UK. It is designed to be of particular use for donors interested in funding organisations working in this area.

The plight of refugees and their integration into society are major issues and whilst the sector is facing enormous need, it is relatively overlooked by donors and funders. There is an opportunity for smart philanthropy to help transform this sector and the lives of refugees.

Based on a briefing we prepared for individual donors Elizabeth and Roderick Jack to support their giving, this paper provides key contextual information about the scale of the refugee crisis, profiles some of the charities and funders operating in this area, gives an overview of the different levels at which funders can work and provides key questions for potential funders to consider.

We hope that by providing clarity on the landscape and options available to fund, more donors and funders will be inspired to support the sector.