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7 great resources for small charities

Size has an impact on how a charity operates, and working in a small organisation presents it own set of opportunities and challenges. Here are a few guides on how to make the most of being on the small side.

Do charities need a ‘Gran Test’ for fundraising?

In light of yesterday’s Fundraising Standards Board report into the circumstances of Olive Cooke’s death, Patrick Murray proposes that fundraisers may need new approaches to boost empathy. Perhaps they could take on the the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Mum Test’—or in this case, the ‘Gran Test’—in order to keep donors safe and preserve trust.

Justice Data Lab goes from strength to strength

We are avid supporters of the Ministry of Justice’s Justice Data Lab. The latest report, published today, marks another significant step forward in its development, through a new link to a data set that will help charities working with the most complex offenders to use the service. The report on re-offending rates for the Langley House Trust is the first to use OASys data to calculate a more accurate comparison group, and shows statistically significant reductions in re-offending.

Our teenage girls aren’t bouncing back

The teenage years are tough. Hormones, exams, social pressures, and fights with family and friends are enough to give most adolescents some angst. But new NPC research suggests that a significant minority of teenage girls are being ‘left behind’ rather than bouncing back after friendships go sour.

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