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Love is all you need (…well, it helps)

With the Government’s tax relief initiative for married couples being recently branded an ‘utter flop’, Ruth Gripper looks at how charities continue to champion strong relationships—of every kind—in our society.

You give, you get

The social sector is grounded in good will, but this can dry up when charities feel they are in competition one another for resources. So what if there was a platform where, as a reward for sharing your own results, you got to see what works for other organisations like yours? George Hoare presents the pilot project that hopes to make this possible.

Over to EU?

A date has been set for the EU referendum, and charities will be thinking about what Brexit would mean for their beneficiaries. But with regulations about campaigning growing tighter, many feel that there is a risk in making their voices heard on the issue. Russell Hargrave looks at the increasingly murky waters of charity campaigning, and what it means for charities and the Europe vote.

When a tweet spells retreat

There is a slight ‘everyone is against us’ culture pervading the charity sector at the moment, and for good reason. But Simon Buckby is concerned that, as a result, many are abandoning effective ways of getting their voices heard, and are retreating to the safe distance of twitter. And, he argues, they’re losing ground because of it.

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