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Rethink, Rebuild

on 16 September 2021

Five ideas for our post-pandemic future.

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Systems strategy

on 16 September 2021
Protestors at a rally

Understanding systems change

on 15 September 2021 , 8 minute read

Six myths demystified

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Uncovering key factors that can help break the cycle of reoffending

By and Abigail Rose
on 25 June 2021 , 4 minute read

We are creating a systems map that will help funders better target their resources in the criminal justice system. It will show how factors that drive the cycle of reoffending exist within an interconnected system.

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Lessons from evaluating systems change progress during the pandemic

By Lewis Haines and Ben Fowler
on 26 May 2021 , 4 minute read

This is the second in a series of joint blogs by Collaborate and NPC. In this piece, we explore the impact of the pandemic on our systems change evaluation work and how the crisis has affected systems change progress.

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Evaluating systems change

By Ellen Care and Ben Fowler
on 21 May 2021 , 4 minute read

This joint blog by Collaborate and NPC details our work developing a maturity model for Save the Children UK’s Early Learning Communities programme.

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What we’ve learnt from systems mapping

on 12 March 2021 , 5 minute read

What we've learnt from using mapping to understand the complex systems around people experiencing multiple disadvantage.

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NPC’s system mapping workshops

By Sarah Tayleur
on 12 March 2021 , 4 minute read

In this guest blog, Sarah Tayleur, Innovation Partner at Fulfilling Lives, Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham, unpacks how we approached mapping the system affecting people experiencing multiple disadvantage.

systems mapping multiple disadvantage

Systems mapping multiple disadvantage

on 11 March 2021

What barriers do people experiencing multiple disadvantage encounter when trying to access support?

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How philanthropists should respond to coronavirus

on 19 January 2021

A collaborative effort to help philanthropists keep charities serving throughout the coronavirus crisis, and prepare for whatever challenges the post-covid world will hold.

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Preventing the ping-back: Turning system shifts into systems change

on 14 December 2020 , 5 minute read

Covid-19 stopped the machine and catapulted us into an era of widespread system change. Or maybe not. Systems are stubborn and the changes we have seen were in fact temporary. How do we prevent the ping back?

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Thoughts on how the sector can rethink and rebuild

By and Angela Kail
on 28 October 2020 , 4 minute read

For our 'Rethink, Rebuild' initiative, we are researching how to support the charity sector’s adaptation and increase its resilience. In this blog, we share thoughts from charity leaders on how the sector needs to change.