Health Data Lab: An initiative whose time has come

on 14 March 2017

NPC and 24 leading charities have written to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, asking for his backing and for a Health Data Lab. Read more about what this means and why it would help improve the impact of services on people’s health.


Britain’s unsung national treasure: Trustees

on 18 January 2017

David Attenborough, Zadie Smith... and charity board members? Trustees are a national treasure, Ruth Gripper argues. And now there is a way to recognise their contribution.


Charity sector news: A post-holidays catch-up

on 5 January 2017

While we may have been relaxing over the holidays, the ever-scrolling news cycle doesn’t rest. As we’re left with mince pie crumbs and 2017 stretches out before us, we bring you the charity news you missed to prep you for the new year.

Dan Corry

Looking ahead to 2017: A new year and a new milestone

on 4 January 2017

January is always a good time to refocus on your goals and ambitions—especially so for us at NPC, because 2017 marks our 15th anniversary. Here our CEO Dan Corry outlines some of the areas we'll be focused on in the coming year—from innovations in evaluation to user voice, impact management to how charities can support public services.


2016 catch-up: Our year at a glance

on 22 December 2016

From guides, resources and events, to commentary on issues facing the sector, dip into the highlights from our year. A great way to catch up on anything you missed that you may find useful.


No funder is an island: What collaboration means for donors

on 26 May 2016

NPC has long said that great results happen when organisations work together. At a recent event, we heard from several funders that are adopting more collaborative approaches to their work. Here we outline some of the key tips they offered for others to consider going forwards.


A reason to celebrate

on 19 May 2016

There has been much doom and gloom about the fortunes of the sector over the past year, and much of the fault for recent scandals has been laid at the door of trustees. So it is refreshing to gain a more positive perspective in the form of an award ceremony for exemplary charity governance.

Dan Corry

What can charities glean from the Queen’s Speech?

on 18 May 2016

Justice and adoption charities will be among those thinking deeply about the 2016 Queen's Speech.


Charities are leading in feeding Britain’s hungry

on 6 April 2016

Hunger remains a pressing issue for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. While this is likely to get worse before it gets better, the charity sector is rallying to get people the help they need.


A is for academy

on 29 March 2016

The Government's recently announced plans to make all schools academies by 2022 raises fundamental questions about how our young people should be educated. But how do education charities fit into all of this? And what should they be doing to ensure they can keep supporting young people and schools in this changing landscape?

Dan Corry

What does the 2016 Budget mean for the sector?

on 16 March 2016

The Budget threw-up plenty for the charity sector to consider, including new money for mentors, the end of the Money Advice Service, and a victory for sugar tax campaigners.