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Co-design: Making it real and doing it well

On 4 March 2020, 9:45 am12:15 pm
at 356 Holloway Road

Done well, co-design can unlock positive outcomes for participants, organisations and communities. Designing services and strategies with people rather than to people can build solutions that better address their needs.


How to plan effective co-design

on 16 December 2019 , 6 minute read

At Christmastime many charities will be campaigning for action on loneliness. Many projects are using co-design to involve people directly in improving community spaces. What are we learning about what works?


How to engage young people in arts and culture

on 4 October 2019

The artistic landscape is shifting. Across the country, budgetary pressures and the demands of career-focussed choices mean we may be facing a generation of young people who have never experienced art at school or anywhere else. Philanthropists have an opportunity to change this.


NPC Ignites: People, Impact, Purpose

on 2 April 2019

What can you expect from our annual conference NPC Ignites 2019?


Learning to involve stakeholders in your charity’s work

on 5 March 2019

What practical steps should charities take to to involve users in an ethical way?


Snapshots of the sector 2019: Involvement

on 28 February 2019

Some charities are expert in involving their users in their work, but is the whole sector up to speed.

Rosie McLeod headshot

Why we need to do user involvement right

on 17 October 2018

User involvement is in the spotlight, and while participatory and influencing practices are nothing new, they are now making it to the mainstream. But are they being used as well as they could be? Rosie McLeod, Deputy Head of Measurement and Evaluation explores her new research.


Make it count: Why impact matters in user involvement

on 9 October 2018

Involving users in shaping services and strategies is increasingly considered to be both the right and most effective way for the social sector and charities to work. This paper argues for a greater focus in the social sector on what user involvement aims to achieve and evidencing its effectiveness.

Tris Lumley

4 insights from working with ‘experts by experience’

on 5 April 2018

We talk a lot about the need for charities to involve the intended user when designing services. But we also know that it’s easier said than done. So we decided to have a go at doing. Here are four things we learned from mapping young people's experiences in Camden.

Headshot of Sally Highham

Built with grit (not the snow kind): Co-designed tools to support your impact management

By Sally Higham
on 12 March 2018

Charities and social enterprises need real support with their impact management. Announcing a new co-designed online platform to help with just that, Chair of the Impact Management Programme Sally Higham talks through these tools and celebrates the hard work that went into creating them.


User mapping techniques: A guide for the social sector

on 2 November 2017

This guide outlines how user mapping techniques can be used to better understand people's lived experiences and drive impact.


Our work must be person-led, not systems-led

on 20 July 2017

Pat McArdle, CEO, Mayday Trust

Our system for supporting people when they become homeless is failing, says Mayday Trust’s Pat McArdle. That’s because we fixate on problems rather than on people. Pat realised this when the charity decided to consult people experiencing homelessness about how that system was working for them. This sparked a radical change in the organisation, one that sought to focus on leading with people’s strengths and not their issues. Here she tells the story of this transformation.