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Shifting power–new voices in philanthropy

On 19 July 2022, 10:30 am12:00 pm
at Zoom

At this event we will discuss the shifting of power as new voices enter philanthropy over the next 10 years.

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A big year for social impact and for NPC

By and Dan Corry
on 6 January 2022

For us at NPC, 2022 is our 20th year of existence. 20 years working with, and as part of, this terrific charity and philanthropy sector to help it maximise its social impact. Already this year we are excited by lots of things we have upcoming.

road ahead

The future of philanthropy, 2030 and beyond

By and Liz Gadd
on 25 November 2021 , 4 minute read

At this year’s NPC Ignites, our annual conference, we hosted a session on the future of philanthropy. As we move toward 2030, this blog explores three key questions for the philanthropy sector to contemplate.

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Impact measurement for flexible funding

on 16 September 2021

For most funders, impact measurement is one of the feedback loops that drives grant-making decisions, so we can’t rethink grant-making without rethinking the way we measure impact and learn from our grants.

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How philanthropists should respond to coronavirus

on 19 January 2021

A collaborative effort to help philanthropists keep charities serving throughout the coronavirus crisis, and prepare for whatever challenges the post-covid world will hold.

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How to combat the issue of rising needs and declining resources

By Ed Mayo
on 2 December 2020 , 5 minute read

When the economy dips, needs rise and the resources open to charities dip too. What we need is a system that is effective at stopping this 'scissors effect' and at meeting needs, not just where, but when they arise.

Melting ice

How every philanthropist and funder can protect our environment

on 1 September 2020 , 4 minute read

What we learnt from our recent Funder Drop-In on how every charity has a role to play in protecting the environment.

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In search of a standard grant application

By Marcelle Speller
on 28 May 2020 , 3 minute read

A standard grant proces has been talked about for a long time. Launched earlier this month, Brevio aims to be an answer. In this guest blog, founder and Chair Marcelle Speller explains how it works and why they set it up.

Accelerated Legacy Plans

Can legacy income be brought forward?

By Anthony Bolton
on 27 May 2020 , 5 minute read

We’ve been testing an idea from Anthony Bolton, Paul Spencer and Tom Skwarek, with advice from Bates Wells, to make legacy donations available for charities today through an accelerated legacy plan. In this guest blog, Anthony Bolton shares what motivated him to pursue the idea.

Accelerated Legacy Plans

Accelerated legacies

on 27 May 2020

The Accelerated Legacy Plan is a new idea developed by Anthony Bolton, Paul Spencer and Tom Skwarek, with advice from specialist lawyers Bates Wells. NPC conducted a feasibility study to test whether their idea could work.

a person who is homeless

Why government and philanthropists must come together for charities now

By and Dan Corry
on 18 March 2020 , 4 minute read

The country is in a very deep crisis. We are working with philanthropists and partners on how they can more effectively fund charities now. And we want to hear more ideas about what can be done.


NPC Ignites 2019: Impact for people

on 19 June 2019 , 4 minute read

The programme for this year's NPC Ignites has been announced. Find out what the hot topics are and who will be debating them.