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Coordination in place: Interim report

Local action has been vital in responding to the outbreak of Covid-19. People have been looking after their neighbours, mutual aid groups have sprung up, and charities and funders have been working with local government to effectively support people in their area.

Whether the immediate future brings a recovery or a resurgence of the virus, it is important that we understand how to effectively fund and coordinate local action, to support people most in need.

This interim report is part of our six month Coordination in place project. For this project, NPC has been working with three areas—Buckinghamshire, Coventry and Sutton—where coordinated, place-based activity has had a positive impact on the community during this crisis. This report brings together our learnings from the first three months of this research—covering the changes we have seen, some of the main challenges and the early signs of opportunities. In February 2021, we will be publishing the final paper, building on the good practice we have identified and our key policy asks for the field.

For more on this research, read this blog. For more on NPC’s work on place-based approaches click here.

We need to understand how to effectively fund and coordinate local action. New interim report from @NPCthinks 'Coordination in place' project. How have different areas adapted to meet evolving needs in their communities?: Click To Tweet


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