Tom Collinge

Tom is the Policy Manager in NPC’s Think Tank and External Affairs team. He produces research, coordinates NPC’s policy responses to developing and existing issues, and tries to talk to all the interesting thinkers in the sector and beyond. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the social sector and the state, regional inequality and the social sector, and the potential for data to boost charity and funder effectiveness.

Before NPC, Tom worked for a small charity, at a magazine, and  did some journalism and PR.

You can find Tom on Twitter.

Why I work for NPC

NPC has a unique position between charities and funders on one hand, and policy makers on the other. It’s an exciting place to be and it’s great to use that position to stimulate real change.

A snapshot of my work at NPC


State of the Sector 2020

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Where are England’s charities?