Nicola Pritchard

Nicola works as a Senior Consultant in NPC’s research and consulting team, specialising in systems change and place-based methodologies. Nicola led NPC’s place-based research for the Harpur Trust and Steve Morgan Foundation and authored NPC’s framework for place-based funding. She sits on Save the Children‘s steering group for their ‘funding for systemic change’ programme and is leading NPC’s place-based research in response to Covid-19. 

Nicola is currently programme manager for the 3rd phase of My Best Life, a multi-year partnership programme exploring how digital solutions can help young people access and improve service provision.  In recent months, Nicola has also led systems mapping projects for Nationwide Foundation and LEAP, and the development of a shared theory of change for the engineering sector, funded by Engineering UK.

Nicola is an experienced facilitator and has led several systems thinking workshops and theories of change. She also has strong project management and interpersonal skills, which were honed whilst she was as an independent consultant prior to joining NPC. 

You can find Nicola on Twitter.

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