Evaluation of the Building Resilient Economies programme

In 2013 Friends Provident Foundation launched the Building Resilient Economies programme, motivated by the failures of the economic system to meet the needs of society and the environment.

Resilience was the guiding concept as it was clear that local and national economies were unable to withstand the shocks of the 2007-8 financial crash and austerity years.

In 2018, Friends Provident Foundation engaged NPC to evaluate the Building Resilient Economies programme and its wider activities including investment engagement, convening, collaborating and communicating.

We assessed the Foundation’s contribution to change against nine priority outcomes that were considered realistic ambitions for the five-year programme, including Grantees and investees testing new and alternative practices, grantees and investees develop shared knowledge  and other funders recognising the need for change.

‘Friends Provident Foundation really have played a huge part in building that sector from a handful of ten people to about 50 relatively established institutions. They have looked around for the energy, the new thinkers with radical ideas…they have thought about a sector they want to build.’

Friends Provident Foundation grantee



Executive Summary

Evaluation of the Building Resilient Economies programme

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